The Brownsea Foundation (F.B.) is promoting several initiatives in the scenario of the International Cooperation, inspired by the formation potential of scouting. Most of the volunteers working within the foundation belong to the scout environment.

The main action areas are the following:

-Training and awareness of the problems related to all underdeveloped countries (PVS), by means of educational trips and working camps, twinning and exchange programs between Italian scouts and those from PVS countries.

-The Direct management of projects for the development of these areas, such as the construction of public utility structures, health and prevention programs, basic and professional training, education and social animation activities.

All the volunteers contribute by bringing their specific knowledge of certain specialized subjects, to allow the complete reliability of the projects.

The Brownsea Foundation is connected to the CIPSI (Coordination of Popular Initiatives for Internazional Solidarity), to the "Liaison Committee of Development NGOs the European Union" (CLONGD-UE), and to the association of the Italian ONGs for co-operation to the development.

  Where we are
Brownsea Foundation - Via Burigozzo, 11 - 20122 Milano
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A/c at the Post 12923215
A/c at the Bank n 15554 c/o Banca Popolare di Milano
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Kenya Scouts Association - P.O. box 41422 - Nairobi
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World Scout Bureau - P.O. box 63070 - Nairobi
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