Online simulation of CELI exams for the official certification of Italian Language of Perugia University for Foreigners
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Test CELI is designed to:
• test Italian language knowledge
• test Italian language level in preparation of CELI certification exams
• verify the lingusitic level of Universities, Institutes, Companies students / employees

Issued by the CVLC (Language Valutation and Certification Centre)of Perugia University for Foreigners, CELI Certificates are officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The CELI Certification exams are available on 6 different levels, from elementary to advanced, basing on the standards of the Common European Framework for Foreign Languages. The skills required to take the CELI certification exams include grammar competence and the ability to deal with real situations using Italian language.

Test CELI is a web simulation developed by Didael and represent a useful tool both to test the linguistic level and to prepare CELI certification exams. They're structured on 6 levels of competence: A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2.
The simulations of each level have been structured on the model of CELI certification exam and include listening and reading comprehensions.The maximum grade and the time available depend on the test level and difficulty.
Reflecting the original CELI Cetification exam, the number and the typoplogies of the exercises provided in each simulation are:
CELI IMPATTO (level A1) - 1 reading comprehension
CELI 1 (level A2) - 2 reading + 2 listening comprehensions
CELI 2 (level B1) - 3 reading + 2 listening comprehensions
CELI 3 (level B2) - 2 reading + 1 listening comprehensions
CELI 4 (level C1) - 3 reading + 2 listening comprehensions
CELI 5 (level C2) - 3 reading + 3 listening comprehensions
The student is asked to listen to/ read the texts/dialogues provided and then do the related activities. The student will get the test correction as soon as the test is completed or the time expires.

The use of CELI Certificiation material to develop Test CELI has been authorized by Perugia University for Foreigners and CVLC (Linguistic CErtification and Valutation Center).

Test CELI, as it has been developed using web technologies, can be delivered in different modalities: in multimedia laboratories or online (at home, at office or Internet Points).

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• Sound board, loudspeakers/earphones
• Browser Web
• Plug-in Adobe Flash Player.
Online: Internet connection (Internet ADSL or broadband connection ).

Server (Intranet)
• Pentium III
• 512Mb Ram
• Windows 2000 Server
• Web server (ASP, MySQL)

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