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Dentro l'Italiano 4.0 is addressed to everybody who wants to learn Italian as a second language Dentro l'Italiano 4.0 is also a complete and flexible teaching tool for teachers/trainers who want to introduce digital technology into their courses (for example in order to achieve CILS, CELI, PLIDA, ELE.IT).

Dentro l'Italiano 4.0 aims at achieving linguistic autonomy, both oral and in writing, proper use of the basic and advanced structured of Italian. Also, thanks to the communicative approach used here, the situations, the texts, the films and the cultural contents, this course provides an opportunity for a live, multi-media approach to the Italian cultural atmosphere (kitchen, art, music, fashion). The linguistic preparation provided complies with the standards of the Common European Framework of the Council of Europe.


The curriculum provided in this course is structured on four levels (Beginner, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) and covers 110 units altogether (equal to about 370 hours’ study).
Each level also presents a new kind of activity: by Situation, Narrative, and by Linguistic Function.
Each curriculum refers to the set of lessons, classified in there different ways. If you choose the curriculum by situations you will privilege a choice based on the most common contexts of social life; if you choose the narrative curriculum you will enter a track based on narrative and on the development of the story; the linguistic function curriculum, finally, privileges classification on the basis of the main communication needs.
Each unit includes scenarios with texts and dialogues, photos and slideshows, associated with about 2,550 exercises, for oral comprehension and written production; these exercises allow you to reinforce the structures you have learned and to assimilate the 6,500 words used. There are also 31 films.
Each unit is introduced by a “sound track”, chosen from an anthology taken from the vast tradition of Italian music, and presents an introductory text or dialogue which can be read or hidden and listened to. To get a better grasp of the vocabulary, there is a glossary and an automatic dictionary showing the conjugated forms and grammatical classification (drawn up in association with the Institute of Computational Linguistics of the National Research Council of Pisa). There is also a useful phrase dictionary with the most common expressions in different situations of daily life. In order to reinforce the structures, the interactive multimedia exercises enriched by original films which stimulate conversation, provide further material for in depth linguistic and cultural study, and offer an effective diversification of the learning techniques. The Grammar can be used as a separate subject for study, starting out from a General Table of Contents and a Functional Table of Contents; Phonetics includes pictures which help you to understand how vowels and consonants are pronounced; the Visual vocabulary allows you to learn new words, immediately associating them with the pictures.

An in depth looks, in each lesson, allows you to get into the cultural climate of Italy, getting to know various aspects of it (art, music, kitchen, fashion).Music pages telling you about the composer and about the meaning of each piece presented to you.

Dentro l'Italiano 4.0
stands out for its gradual nature, which respects the natural rhythm with which different kinds of knowledge are learned, memorized and assimilated. Especially, the Beginner Level leads the absolute beginner to gradually discover the basic linguistic elements needed to deal with the most simple communicative situations. The Elementary Level picks up the first linguistic elements, until one can reach a situation of communicative self-sufficiency in the most common daily situations. The Intermediate level carries on the presentation of Italian life and culture, introduces the study of more complex linguistic structures, and reinforces one’s familiarity with the Italian language. Finally, the Advanced Level is addressed to those who want to perfect an already good level of Italian, getting a deeper knowledge of our culture and getting along in the most common situations of work and social life.

You can choose the graphics/communication style, according to your preferences.

The course comes in the following versions: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Swedish, Finnish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese. The open architecture allows a quick answer to requests for extensions in new languages besides the already available languages.

As evidence of the flexibility of the delivery models which is the outstanding feature of Didael products, Dentro l'Italiano 4.0 is also available in the Didael E-Learning environment Dentro l'Italiano W.L.E. where services for communication and co-learning can be used, and where professional E-learning figures can provide support: technical/teaching help-desk, tutor, teachers, experts, authors.

Delivery models:

WLE (Web Learning Environment) – online course thought Didael e-Learning platform; Additional Services (optional), as teaching help-desk, tutoring, 1-to-1 classes;

• Online: online course, access through password;

• LO: contents usable in any e-Learning SCORM platform;

• Cd-Rom: Contents on Cd-Rom;

• LAN/Intranet: installable on the Customer LAN, with monitoring functions.

Didael also offers an on line assessment service through a placement test.

The product is SCORM-compliant.

Dentro l'Italiano 4.0 is made entirely using XML technology together Macromedia Flash.

All delivery models: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/Xp/Vista Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and sup. up. or Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and sup.
: Internet connection (56k modem and sup.)
WLE: • Plug-in Sun Java Runtime (1.4.0 and sup.) • Javascript enabled • Acrobat Reader (Release 5 and sup.)
LAN: Server: Pentium® 4 o sup. 512Mb Ram o sup. • Windows 2000 Server Web server (ASP, MS SQL Server) • 700 MB Hard Disk space for any language
LO: • Plug-in Sun Java Runtime (1.4.0 and sup.) • Javascript enabled • Acrobat Reader (release 5 and sup.)
Web-CD: • Javascript enabled • Acrobat Reader (release 5 and sup.) • CD-Rom 8x driver

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